Tom & Jerry Cake

Tom and Jerry Cake

Tom & Jerry Cake

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Product Description:

This Tom and jerry cake is a perfect choice for your little champ. Kids love these kinds of customized cakes. If your little one is below 10 years a tom and jerry cake can be one of the best surprises on his/ her birthday. Tom and Jerry are the most adorable and loved cartoon characters by everyone. Undoubtedly every child is going to love getting a Tom and jerry cake on their birthday. You can also order this unique personalized cake for a baby shower.

This Tom and jerry cake is a pineapple flavored cake. This is a cream cake, a beautifully created Tom and jerry is there on top of the cake. This cake is so mouthwatering that your kid is going to definitely love. So do not hesitate to order this treat for your little master on his/ her birthday. This bundle of joy will make him/her happier on their birthday. 

  • Cake Flavour- Pineapple

  • Type of Cake- Cream Cake

  • Minimum Weight- Half Kg



  • The design and icing of the cake may vary from the image shown here. Depending upon availability

  • Candle and knife will be delivered as per the availability.



  • 4.9/5