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special Gujjiya

special Gujjiya

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Holi is here as is the hankering for holi special Gujiya! Without Gujiya, Holi would appear 'Holi without hues'. Gujiya is a rotisserie mixture loaded up with khoya/mawa, cashews, almonds, raisins and so forth. You could really consider it a 'Sweet fricasseed Samosa'. Holi Sweet

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai', these words will do rounds in your brains. All will be occupied with speculation approaches to shading others first while sparing the person in question. Holi is when everybody from youthful to old is in a lively state of mind. The youngster in each one of us is at its pinnacle. What to state about holi, it is similarly as we said," bura na mano holi hai". Our affectionate recollections of Holi are when moms and sisters at home used to make desserts. Our own and without a doubt everybody's extraordinary is Gujiya.


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