#Vijayadashmi #Dussehra Celebrate By Cakegift.in

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#Vijayadashi or #Dussehra is the sign of victory over the darkness or good victory over evil. As per the Hindu’s Saying on this day Lord Ram Kill the Evil Ravan before making evil Ravan was a very Intelligent person, but due to the hatred he becomes the biggest Evil. This is the only reason that his little brother who names is vibishan also help to Lord in the killing of Evil ravan. Ravan also made his own safeguard place that called Lanka. lanka had very tight security that time to breach this security to need an insider that work was done by Vibision.

The whole war started due to Mother Sita who was the wife of Lord Rama, there was a time when Rama and his younger brother was live in the Forest due to the wisdom of his mother kakai. she wants to make the king his real son Bharat. but there is a strong loving bond between all the brothers, first Bharat refuses to take the charge but after insisting continuously he ready to take charge but he placed ram’s footwear on the place of king’s chair and start to work as an assistant.

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