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The Best Cake Recipes For Summer – Cakegift

Summer is the season for fun and to focus on improving your appetite. It is the best time to learn something new or to follow your hobby. Cakes are the delicious desserts which everyone loves. Whether it is a birthday or any other occasion, the first thing we think about is a cake. Let’s learn to bake the most Delicious Summer Cakes as mentioned here:

Mango Cake

                                                                                     Mango Cake Recipe

Mango is considered as the king of all fruits. Mango Cake is the complete blast of mango and cream. The temptation to eat the mango is just irresistible. Mango Cake is yet another delightful substitute for the yummy and juicy mangoes.

The recipe to bake this delectable mango cake is quite easy and you will find all the required ingredients in your kitchen. First, you have to bake the mixture of flour, vanilla essence, baking powder, baking soda, mano gravy, eggs, vegetable oil, milk, etc. in the microwave oven at a certain temperature. After that, you need to do the icing of the cake with milk, buttermilk, mango flavor, cream, etc and freeze it in the freezer. After a while, you can complete the frosting and decoration. Serve the prepared yummy mango cake.

Mixed Fruit Cake

                                                                                         Mixed Fruit Cake

Fruits are an essential part of living. Especially, it is said to consume a considerable amount of juicy, tropical and seasonal fruits in order to stay fit and healthy. What if you add some delighting taste to these fruits. Yes, I am talking about the Mixed Fruit Cake, a yummy and all-time dessert. It would be a good time to learn baking this cake.

  • At the very first step, you need to collect all the required fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, mango, blackberry, strawberry, grapes or any other (if you have).
  • Then, cut the decorative slices of these fruits.
  • Now, you need to bake the cake with the usual baking ingredients.
  • Prepare the cream.
  • Do the icing and complete the decoration.

Strawberry Cake

                                                                         Strawberry Cake Recipe

Strawberry Cake is the evergreen dessert which we remember in our happy moments. Gone the days when we were dependent upon the bakery shops to buy our favorite cake for special occasions. Now is the era when nobody wants to depend upon anyone or anything. So the best idea is to utilize your time learning to bake this Delicious Strawberry Cake at home in these summer vacations.

This sweet, yummy and lip-smacking cake is as refreshing as beautiful. You need to grease the cake pan and put the gravy of cake i.e. mixture of all the essential ingredients. Namely, the ingredients are all-purpose flour, vegetable oil, baking powder, baking soda, powdered sugar, gelatin, strawberry extract, vanilla essence, eggs, chopped strawberries, milk, water, etc. After successful completion of baking part, you need to start frosting and icing with the mixture of cream, cheese, milk, flour, butter, etc. Enjoy the precious family moments with this mouth-watering cake.

Rainbow Cake

                                                                         rainbow cake recipe

The rainbow cake looks as beautiful as the real rainbow in the sky. It is an effort to create a replica of the original rainbow. The bakers who invented the idea of baking a rainbow cake, it is their success that this cake is so popular nowadays among all generations. Let me tell you a secret, the procedure to prepare this Rainbow Cake is quite simple. All you have to do is to distribute the baking mixture in 6 pans equally. Now, add the edible color essences in the pans in the arrangement like a rainbow.

Now, bake the 6 mixtures on a certain temperature. Collect all of them and arrange them in the manner like a rainbow. Now, start the frosting procedure and keep it for icing. Serve the prepared cake for your friends and family.

Kiwi Cake

                                                                                   kiwi cake recipe

Kiwi is quite a healthy fruit having a number of health benefits. This fruit has many advantages over blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, etc. It strengthens our immune system. Let’s get to learn the recipe to bake the Kiwi Cake, yummy as well as healthy. The procedure is quite similar. Firstly, you need to bake the cake mixture and don’t forget to add the kiwi essence in it. Now, put it in the oven for quite a time. Now, prepare the cream for the frosting process. Make the decorations as per your choice and get done with it.

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