Raksha-Bandhan “Brother Sister’s Unbreakable Relationship and Bond of Love”

Raksha-Bandhan festival is the love of brother and sister. Raksha means brother pledges to protect his sister. Brother sister considers a thread as a witness, her sister ties a thread on her brother’s wrist and this thread is a symbol of love, trust, and belonging.  On this occasion, Brother takes special rakhi gifts for his sister This thread is called Rakhi in Indian culture. The sister applies tilak on her brother’s forehead and at the same time wishes her brother’s happy prosperity.


चंदन का टीका रेशम का धागा;
सावन की सुगंध बारिश की फुहार;
भाई की उम्मीद बहना का प्यार;
मुबारक हो आपको “”रक्षा–बंधन”” का त्योहार।


With Special Rakhi Gifts Make Raksha-Bandhan More Memorable

Brothers are like streetlights along the road,

they don’t make distance any shorter,

but they light up the path

and make the walk worthwhile.”



The festival of Rakhi is a very holy and joyous festival coming in the month of Sawan. A brother goes to get Rakhi tied with his sister after taking sweets and online rakhi gifts.

Aaya Rakhi ka tyohaar
Chhayi khushiyon ki bahaar
Ek resham ki dori se bandha
Bahan ne bhai ki kalaayi pe pyaar
Happy Raksha Bandhan!


My brother is Miles away,
Where I cannot see his smile,
Where I cannot laugh with him,
Where I cannot hold him in my arms,
Yet he is ever in my thoughts and smiles

Enjoy Rakhi with Sweet Love and Joy with Sister

In Indian villages, a sister starts making rakhi for her brother from a long time ago and along with her friends sings the songs of Saavan for her brother’s long life.

Suraj ki tarah chamakte raho
Phoolon ki tarah mehakte raho
Yahi dua hai is bhai ki aaj
Ki aap sadaa khush raho!
Bhai ki taraf se ek bahan ko Rakhi ki hardik shubhkamnaayen!



बहन का प्यार किसी दुआ से कम नहीं होता,
वो चाहे दूर भी हो तो गम नहीं होता
अक्सर रिश्ते दूरियों से फीके पड़ जाते है
पर बहन भाई का प्यार कभी कम नहीं होता

Indian culture is really unique, even small children know the meaning of every festival very well and Rakhi is the most special of all festivals. Little children also save their pocket money and bring a gift of Rakhi to their sister.

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