History and Significance of Father’s Day Around the World

Father’s Day, a day dedicated to realizing the efforts, hard work, and sacrifices of a father. A really fantastic day to plan a day-out with your lovely dad. The day is not limited to the genetic fathers only but hold the equal meaning for step-father, guardian, grandfather or anyone who is playing the role of a father in your life.

History of Father’s Day is considered to be about 4000 years old according to some scholars. Opinions vary from one scholar to other, some think that it is about 100 years old and originated from the USA.



Historical Roots of Father’s Day


The origin of father’s day is traced from the times about 4000 years ago, all the way back to the remains of ancient Babylon. According to the archaeologists, there was a young boy named Elmesu who wrote a Father’s Day Message wishing a healthy, long and happy life for his father. There are no records of the further tale but the idea was taken into account and was spread out around the world. There are other records of efforts made in honor of father but not been carried out.

  • In 1908, a woman named Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia who organized an event in the honor of fathers but the idea was turned down and not got promoted.
  • In another story from 1911, a lady named Jane Addams tried to dedicate a day for fathers in the Chicago city but the suggestion was refused by the officials.



The Origin for Official Father’s Day


According to the US theory, the father’s day was originated in the United States of America by a young girl named Sonora Louise Smart Dodd in the year 1910. The girl, better to say the ‘lady’ as was 27 years old and well matured. She was extremely loved by her father named William Jackson Smart, an American Civil War veteran. She heard the news about the celebration of mother’s day on the second Sunday of may and attempted to dedicate a holiday for fathers as well on the third Sunday of June.

Her cause was supported by the Spokane Ministerial Association and the local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). Even the presidents Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson came in the field to encourage her. Initially, the idea was not well spread and limited to the city but later it caught fire. Later, due to continuous efforts of Ms. Todd, president Lyndon Johnson signed an official proclamation declaring the celebration of Father’s Day on Third Sunday of June. Finally, in the year 1974, a permanent official observance for father’s day was announced by President Richard Nixon.



Father’s Day in India


It has not been much time since India started celebrating Father’s Day in the honor and gratitude for fathers. The idea behind it is not Indian but has been imported from other countries. The thought of dedicating a day for fathers was loved and acknowledged to a great extent by the Indians. At present, most of the population of India itself Celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June every year.

However, apart from the big metropolitan and commercial cities, the concept of father’s day is still oblivious to those who do not have sources and exposure to the western world and civilization. But due to education, even those areas are getting some glimpses of the modern world and its practices.

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